Friday, May 22, 2020

Analysis of The One Minute Manager Free Essay Example, 500 words

ï » ¿ Book Report: The One Minute Manager â€Å"The one minute manager† by Blanchard and Johnson is a well written book which facilitates its reader in understanding the process of effective and efficient management with the help of an interesting story. It is on the list of the highly recommended books because it provides readers with exceptional techniques and methods about managing other people. By going though this book one is able to learn quick and relatively easy techniques and philosophies associated with different aspects of management including people management. People management skills are essential for almost every person, as humans are social animals and cannot survive in isolation. Every other second one is involved in direct interaction with other people. Specially in the case of managers who are responsible for bringing out the best possible performance of all team members and subordinates, and also for the complete team management so that the overall performance can be improved considerably. One sh ould acknowledge that it is not easy to manage a large team which consists of different people and it requires considerable effort and stamina on part of managers. Managers are like captain of the ship and are responsible for ensuring that ship reaches the destination safely and on time. We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of The One Minute Manager or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Performance and growth of overall organization is directly dependent on the attitude and abilities of the top managers who are responsible for setting directions for other employees. Several organizational studies and researches have concluded that employees are confused and uncertain about their responsibilities and tasks. There is a need that they are provided with appropriate goals and directions to achieve those goals. Apart from this in order to ensure they fulfill all their responsibilities in efficient manner and achieve the provided goals there should be quick and ongoing feedbacks from managers. This positive and negative feedbacks will serve as a guideline and roadmap for meeting the set targets and goals and will encourage the employees to provide best possible results. Blanchard and Johnson (1-64), have provided three simple techniques which can enhance the management skills of any manager. It provides a simple process which can be learn ed and applied by any manager in order to improve the overall performance of the employees. These techniques allow managers to incorporate proactive approach as compared to reactive approach. In order to get exceptional end results, one has to ensure that the start is correct and whole team is on the right track throughout the process. For this reason it is important to set the goals and objectives on first hand and then provide quick and timely feedback to the team members about their performance whether it is positive or negative. All these concepts have been thoroughly explained with the help of ‘one minute goal setting’, ‘one minute praising’, and ‘one minute reprimands’ (Blanchard, and Johnson 1-64). These techniques and philosophies explained in this book are very much beneficial for professional as well as personal lives of people. For instance these methods of team management can also be utilized during the group research work by stud ents. The team leader or group leader can set different goals and objectives which have to completed in certain span of time and assign tasks to other team members. With the help of ongoing feedback of the team leader along with other student members, the group of students will be able to complete their research work in effective and efficient manner. This book is not only beneficial for managers in the process of team or people management, but can also be useful for any individual in the process of self management. The same methods and techniques can be used by any one in managing the daily tasks and activities. One can set challenging goals and objectives to be achieved, and then can appraise or warn oneself for different activities. Hence â€Å"the one minute manager† not only facilitates mangers in the process of building efficient team and organization but can also help every other person in the process of self management. REFERENCES Blanchard, Kenneth, and Spenser Johnson. The One Minute Manager. New York: Berkley Book, 1983. 1-64.

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