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History of the Malacca Sultanate

History of the Malacca Sultanate The Malacca Sultanate was a powerful maritime and commercial empire that Shaped the political, social and cultural systems of the Malay Peninsula. Parameswara (1401 to 1511) was the founder of Malacca. He was a fugitive prince from the Palembang in Sumatra, and attack Palembang. Parameswara fled to the island of Temasik with his loyal company of 30 orang laut (sea people). After eight days in Temasik, Parameswara killed the local chief and usurped as lord over the simple fisher folk of Temasik. Therefore, he runs to Malacca. Under his ruling, in 1414, Parameswara embraced Islam, and change his name to Megat Iskandar Shah, married to a Muslim princess from Pasai, Sumatra. Because of this it attracted Muslim traders to come to Malacca port and international too. He also maintain the good relation with Ming China, he send a mission after mission to Peking in1415, 1416 and 1418. Parameswara, laid a great stress on the element of all event and the political experiences which underwent from broader viewpoint and historical vision in the Malay historical and political development all in Malay Archipelago. Malacca has they becoming a cosmopolitan free port that valued money above any nations of cultural imperialism. Due to the successfully founded and established a seat of power in Malacca around 1399/1400. Upon his death in 1424, Megat Iskandar Shah was succeeded by his son Sri Maharaja (1424-1444) . Sultanate of Malacca Reign Parameswara 1394 to 1414 Sultan Megat Iskandar Syah 1414 to 1424 Seri Maharaja ( Raja Tengah ) or Sultan Muhammad Syah 1424 to 1444 Sultan Abu Syahid 1445 to 1456 Sultan Muzaffar Syah 1446 to 1456 Sultan Mansur Syah 1456 to 1477 Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah 1477 to 1488 Sultan Mahmud Syah 1488 to 1511 Sultan Muzaffa Shah ( 1446-1456) the son of Sri Maharaja and grandson of Megat Iskandar Shah alias Parameswara, ruling the Malacca throne in 1446 succeeding his elder brother , Raja Ibrahim. He was the first to use Arabian title of Sultan, and formulate the Malacca Laws known as Risalah Hukum Kanun in protect the sovereignty and prosperity of Malacca. Raja Kechil Besar (Sultan Muhammed Syah, 1424-1444) played a major role in developing and improving the ceremonial and the administrative system. He re-organized the royal administration. In Malacca the Bendahara immediately beneath the sultan operated as Chief Minister with Temenggong as Senior Judges below, followed by Special Magistrates or Syahbandar. The main four communities in Malacca, Muslim Gujaratis , Hindu Tamiuls , Islamised Javanese and Chinese each a Syahbandar. The Syahbandar have two roles, the Chinese Syahbandar will assisting the vessel in trades when foreign ship arrived from China. So as the Shahbandar looked after h is respective community. Syahbandar will need to responsible for arming, organizing and commanding their community for Sultan. Two offices or ministers were created at this time the Temenggung and Sen Bija Diraja is to the rapid developments that were taking place in the town and society of Malacca. The office of the Laksamana was established during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah (1456-1477). It was originally designated by the Emperor of Majapahit. The duties and jurisdiction of the Laksamana were similar those of the Seri Bija Diraja. As the position of the Laksamana became more firmly established and more influential in Malacca, the status of the Sen Bija Diraja gradually declined. Beside the four Ministers, there were eight senior directors, all bearing the title Sr. Under them were sixteen junior directors with the title Raja. At the bottom of the hierarchy were thirty two government offices that assist the Minister to carrying out their duties. This administration system was implemented by all the states in Malay Peninsula that were united under Sultanate Malacca. Malacca was as a major player in the spice trade, serving as a gateway between the Spice Islands and high-paying Eurasian markets. The rise of Malacca was the monsoon winds that enabled Arabian and Indian traders from the west to travel to China in the east and vice versa. It was also the center of Islam in the eastern sphere, were also sent by the Sultan to spread Islam to other communities in the Malay Archipelago, such as in Java, Borneo, and the Philippines. Most of South East Asia at that time was Hindu. The Sultanates most important regional rivals were Siam in the north and the declining Majapahit Empire in the south. Majapahit was not able to control or effectively compete with Malacca within the archipelago. Siam on the other hand attacked Malacca three times, but all attacks were repelled. At the same time, Malacca had a good relationship with the Ming government of China; Parameswara had met the Chinese emperor in China to receive a Letter of Friendship, hence making Malacca the first foreign kingdom to attain such treatment. In 1409, the sultan paid tribute to the Chinese emperor to ask for protection against Siam. This Sino-Malacca relationship helped the attacks from Siam from further threatening Malacca. The empire of Malay Kingdom of Malacca ended in 1511 after the Portuguese attack under the rule of Sultan Mansur Shah (1459 1477) because of several external and internal factors. He is a weak leader and paid less attention to the administration. Due to this matter, he often in-need of power during his ruling. Thus, after Tun Perak died in 1498, to be succeeded by his brother Tun Puteh also a weak leader. After the death of Tun Perak the Chief Minister, the Malay Kingdom of Malacca lacked of efficient leader. The bribing, slander and high taxes forced the merchant to change their attention to other ports. The citizen of Malacca become split in to factions and disunited. Tun Mutahir is a weak leader that caused the Malays to become hostile towards the Indian-Muslim. Malacca State continued to flourish but the court was now thronged and dominated by Tamil merchants. Tun Mutahir and Tun Ali put to death, betrayed by Kitul and Raja Mandaliar, an indian native. Chief Minister Tepok ( Tun Peraks son)was appointed by Sultan after Tun Mutahir death. But it unrest by the administration group due to his age and continued the misunderstanding and disagree groups The external factor is the discovery of Cape of Good Hope in South Africa by Bartholomew Diaz in 1488, easier to sail from West to East. As a result, is easier for Portuguese to attack Malacca. Malacca become weak and fall prey to their enemies due to weak leaders, bribery and corruption, betrayal among minister and disunity among the people. Is become more critical when the Portuguese, led by Alfonso dAlbuquefrque attack Malacca and finally over took Malacca in 1511. 2.a) Starting this year on 16th, September 2010 will be a public holiday for Malaysia it is according to our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Sabah and Sarawak, which joined Malaysia in 1963 and the formation of Malaysia as an independent country was a very important moment in history. He also added, Malaysia Day would be celebrated with events that would foster closer unity, understanding between the different races and community success and achievement through sports, social culture and arts, to spur the OneMalaysia spirit. ( Based on history, in January 1956 the chief minister Tunku Abdul Rahman led a Merdeka (independence) mission to London where, in February, agreement was reached with the colonial secretary bringing self-government into effect and envisaging full independence for the Federation within the Commonwealth by 31 August 1957. On 16, September, 1963 was Malaysia is an independent sovereign state Federation of Malaya with the merge of Singapore, North Borneo (renamed Sabah) and Sarawak. Before that, on 1946 the dominant political in Malaya was the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) to strive independence from Great Britain and protest British proposal to grant rights to different ethnic group in Malaya (UMNO). Thats lead to dominant the nations politics of independent Malaya from 1957 through 1963. At independent, 55 % of Malayas population was Malay, 35% ethnic Chinese and 10% Indian. The federation consisted 11 states , Penang and Melaka were former British colonies, and the nine remain states each is a hereditary monarch ( called Sultan).Under the federation , Malays maintained their privileges ( official language and Islam ) and for the non-Malays gained citizenship. The stated every five years the sultan s elect one of their numbers to serve as Yang-di-Pertuan Agong . The Alliance Party , with Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) and the Malayan Indian Congress (MIC) was formed due to without cooperation of the people of Malayan. The new government consisted mostly Malays, with the smaller number of Chinese and Indian. Sabah and Sarawak, with their population of Malay and Indian to balance the Chinese population from Singapore. (Marshall Cavendish Corporation,pg1215) Although the same year there were the Indonesia and Philippines protested the creation of Malaysia. President Sukarno (1901-1970) adopted a policy of konfrontasi (confrontation) and from April 1963, Indonesian infiltrated Sabah and Sarawak. The formation of Malaysia, Singapore and North Borneo unilaterally declared independence from the United Kingdom on August 31, 1963, thus coinciding with the sixth anniversary of the Malayan independence. b) Brunei to opt out, due to the failure to carry out the proposal to come together to share within a new federation that differences in opinion and reluctant on the part of Brunei and Kuala Lumpur. Political power passed in the elections of September 1962 to the Peoples Party, and to maintain that before the move towards Malaysia was made here should be openly of the three fundamental reason such as the speeding of independent, the strengthening of the walls of defense against the communist threat and lastly the provision of help to the less develops parts. These territories under the Sultan of Brunei as constitutional ruler. A revolt within the party tried to bring about this state by force, but it was speedily repressed. Brunei claims that were conditions for joining, touched on the following issue: i) the number of seats in the Legislature and in the Parliament ii) the control on oil and other minerals iii) monetary autonomy iv) Bruneis earlier investment v) method of taxation vi) authority in the area of education and welfare vii) matters of religion viii) citizenship ix) the security of Brunei ( which needs to be guaranteed ) x) the position of the sultan and the status of Brunei within Malaysia Nevertheless, Brunei ultimately decided to remain outside the federation, possibly because with its small population and large riches in the form of oil it was unwilling to share its prosperity. Also, the Sultan of Bruneis status within the proposed federation was called into question, and this matter carried considerable political weight against joining. For Singapore, is a second to Malaya in population and more than three-quarters Chinese in composition, threatened to upset the communal balance on which Malayan politics and government had no depended. Two years after the formed Malay and Chinese in Malay and experienced dangerous polarization. Singapores leaders became involved in the politics of the Malay Peninsula, notably in the 1964 federal elections in Peoples Actions Party (PAP) was one of the contesting parties. Lee Kuan Yew and several PAP leaders belittle MCA, and saying the MCA leaders lacked caliber and over friendly with UMNO. Lee Kuan Yew and PAP was in interpreted by MCA and UMNO as PAP tactic for taking over role for MCA in interests of Chinese community. An Alliance leader regards PAPs criticism of the MCA as a weak party and tends to destroy the good understanding within the Alliance. Lee Kuan Yew have started his Malaysian for Malaysia campaign that no community in Malaysia. On May 1965, even highlighted Chinese u nity against the Malay under Jaafar Albar (UMNO) campaign Malays Unite . In June to August,to find solution but Singapore made the situation worse . On 7, August 1965, Lee Kuan Yew and Tunku Abdul Rahman signed on the separation agreement and passed the Separation Act from Parliament. On 9th, August 1965, Singapore officially left Malaysia.

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Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 19

19. Being the Chronicles of Abby Normal: Oh Day Dwellers Doth Betray Me? My heart has been torn asunder, and I am faced with the revelation that my most awesome-haired mad scientist of passion may in fact be an uncaring assbag who has sullied my innocence and whatnot and then cruelly cast me aside. So, that sucks. ‘Kayso, like it says in the Bible, â€Å"with great power, comes great responsibility,† which I totally learned by pushing my vamp abilities too far in trying to show off for Foo by diving through our boarded-up windows. So I was â€Å"doh,† and I passed out-real passed out, like head-injury passed out, not vampyre passed out. But in my unconsciousness, Foo and Jared gave me blood, and I healed, so when I woke up in the bedroom, I came leaping out into the living area, my claws ready to rend flesh and kick ass. And I was all, â€Å"Rawr!† And who do I see there but the vampyre Flood, my most recently escaped master gone mad, who has never even seen me in this outfit, let alone as a vamp. So I was all, â€Å"Rawr!† hoping my fangs were showing. And he was all, â€Å"Hi, Abby.† And I was all, â€Å"Rawr! Fear me!† And he was all, â€Å"That's not a thing. Saying rawr is not a vampyre thing.† And I'm like, â€Å"It is too. I'm totally showing my animal power and fierceness.† And he's like, â€Å"No, you're not, you're just saying rawr in a big voice. It's not a thing.† â€Å"It could be a thing,† I go, in my defense. And Jared is like, â€Å"I don't think it's a thing, Abs.† And I'm like, â€Å"Well then how about I drain you until you're dust and put you in the cat box, Jared? Is that a vampyre thing?† And he was all, â€Å"‘Kay. I'm sorry. Rawr is totally a thing.† So I looked at Flood with pity, having humiliated him on the field of battle. But it is in the gentler monster that humanity is revealed, so I'm like, â€Å"It's a thing for some of us. So, check it, I'm nossssss-feratu. Like you, only, you know, not fashion retarded. Speaking of, why do you look like the window at Banana Republic?† Flood was always sort of jeans and flannel before, like he was caught in some '90s grunge vortex, but now he was like linen and tan leather. And Flood's like, â€Å"I was running around the streets naked until a few hours ago.† And I was like, â€Å"‘Kay. My bad.† So he's all, â€Å"Abby, we need to go. I need to find Jody and I need your help.† And then Foo, who has been doing science stuff in the kitchen, comes over and he's like, â€Å"Abby, I can switch you back. I can switch you both back. I already have Tommy's serum made from before.† And I'm like, â€Å"You are trs cute when you're threatened.† And I jump over there and kiss him deeply-like I can hear a couple of his vertebrae crack. But then I go to slap him, so he won't think I'm a slut, and Tommy catches my hand. And he's all, â€Å"Abby, you have to stop doing that. You could kill him.† I'm like, â€Å"Really?† He's all nodding. And Foo's all mouthing â€Å"thank you† to him, like I don't have vampyre hearing and don't know that he's being a total little bitch about it. So I, like, turn on Foo and go, â€Å"Rawr.† I don't care what Tommy says, Foo trembled in fear. And Tommy's like, â€Å"Let's go, Abby.† Like Foo hasn't said a word. And I grab my Pirate Bunny messenger bag and start to pack in my laptop and charger, and Flood is all, â€Å"Leave that here.† And I'm like, â€Å"How will I express my angst and dark inspirations and whatnot?† And Flood is like, â€Å"I thought we'd go suck the blood out of some people.† And I was like, â€Å"‘Kay, but I'm still taking my laptop. I have to do my blog. I have subscribers.† I do. Well, a subscriber. And he's like, â€Å"If we have to go to mist you'll lose it.† And I'm like, â€Å"You don't know how to do that.† And he's all, â€Å"I do now.† And I'm all, â€Å"Teach me. I didn't go to ancient evil vampyre school like you.† And he's like, â€Å"I'm nineteen, remember? I went to public school. In Indiana.† And Foo's like, â€Å"You're only nineteen? You're not even old enough to drink?† And Jared is like, â€Å"Shut up. He's her dark lord. Our dark lord.† And Foo's like, â€Å"Fine. Go. Be careful. Text me. I'll be here trying to save the world.† And Tommy's all, â€Å"I'm just going to try to save the woman I love, and that's as good as the world to me.† And I was like-nothing. I just looked at Tommy. But I would have done him on a bed of carpet tacks right then. So outside the love lair, which is technically not mine and Foo's anymore, now that the rightful owners are not imprisoned in bronze, I go, â€Å"So, where do we start?† And Flood is all, â€Å"We start by finding a safe place to sleep during the day.† And I'm all, â€Å"The love lair. Foo and Jared will be our minions and whatnot.† And he's like, â€Å"The last time I went out there I woke up inside a statue, and the last time you were up there your love ninja gave you blood with a sedative.† And I'm all, â€Å"No.† And he's all, â€Å"Yeah.† And I'm all, â€Å"Foo, you crapacious little geek! Can I go slap him around a little?† And Flood is all, â€Å"He was going to change you back. To save you.† And I go, â€Å"Without even asking? I think not, noble vamptard. As soon as we find the Countess I'm coming back. There will be screaming.† And Flood's like, â€Å"You don't have any confrontation issues, do you?† And I'm all, â€Å"No, I'm very insecure, actually, but I have found that if you roll up screaming like a madwoman, hair on fire, guns blazing, no one is going to mention the zit on your forehead.† Which is totally true. â€Å"Okey dokey,† goes the vampyre Flood. â€Å"We'll look for someplace low or high. Low is probably safest, we can look for maintenance closets in the BART tunnels, but that keeps us out of the north end of the City, because there's no subway there. High, harder to find a place, but it gives us more choice, and it's less obvious, if Rivera and Cavuto are looking for us. There are a lot of utility sheds and meter shelters on roofs.† So I'm like, â€Å"Are we going to sleep together?† And Flood's like, â€Å"No, but we'll be dead in the same space.† And I was thinking, â€Å"How romantic,† but I go, â€Å"Let's get high.† And Tommy's all, â€Å"I think that's a good idea. Jody lived in the north end of the City and so did I. It makes sense that's where she'd go. We need to get into the upper floors of a tall building and look down on other roofs, look for a shed or something. Climbing up won't be a problem. You can tell if there's people in it by looking for heat. You know you can see heat now, right?† And I'm like, â€Å"I was figuring that it was that or that every lightbulb was leaking into the sky. But how do you know all this other stuff?† And Tommy's like, â€Å"I have no idea.† And I was like, â€Å"If we find a roof shack with a pigeon coop by it we'll have snacks when we wake up.† I know, perky. I must resist the perky. Must resist the perky. So, like, an hour later we've found our sweet roof grave on a building in the financial district, and Flood and I are walking up Powell Street, toward California and the Fairmont, where the Countess was last seen. And we are totally alive with the night. There's like two cities in the City. I didn't see it before. There's like the indoor city, the daytime city, with people inside of apartments and restaurants and offices, and they have, like, no fucking clue about the outside city. And there's the outside city people, who are in the streets all the time, and who know every hiding place, and every tree, and where it's dangerous, and where it's just creepy. The outside city people live on, like, a different plane of existence, like they don't even see the inside people either. But when you're a vampyre, the two cities are all lit up. You can hear the people talking and eating and watching TV in their houses, and you can see and feel the people in the streets, behind the garbage cans, u nder the stairs. All these auras show, sometimes right through walls. Like life, glowing. Some bright pink, like Foo's, some sort of brown, or gray, like on the AIDS vet panhandling at the corner of Powell and Post. And I'm totally losing my ability to appear bored, because it's fucking awesome. I'm trying to be chill for Flood, but I want to know. So I'm like, â€Å"What's with the pink ring around people?† And he's like, â€Å"It's their life force. You can tell how healthy they are by it. You'll be able to smell if they're dying, too, but you won't know that right away.† I know, whoa. So I'm like, â€Å"Whoa.† And he's all, â€Å"You see it for a reason.† And I'm like, â€Å"‘Splain, s'il vous plaà ®t.† And he's all, â€Å"Because you're only supposed to take the sick, the dying. It's part of our predator nature. I didn't know that before I-I was lost, but I know it now.† I know, whoa. So I'm like, â€Å"Okay, how do you turn to mist?† And he's like, â€Å"It's mental. Completely. You can't think about it, you just have to be.† And I'm like, â€Å"You're fucking with me, aren't you?† And he's all, â€Å"No, if you think, it doesn't work. You have to just be. Words get in the way. I think that's why the cats do it instinctively. That's the key. Instinct. I don't function well on instinct. I'm a word guy.† And I'm all, â€Å"I'm a word guy, too,† like a total dwee-bosaurus. I know. How is it that I, acting Mistress of the Greater Bay Area darkness, can be reduced to spewing nano-brained beauty-queen dialog when I should be enjoying the heady power of my vamp immortality? Simple, I am a romance slut, and there's nothing I can do about it. If a guy does or says something romantic, I'm all, â€Å"Oh, please excuse me, kind, sir, let me dial down my IQ and oh, if it would please sir, may I offer you this moist, yet helpless va-jay-jay that seems to have lost its way.† I was clearly born in the wrong time. I should have been born in Wuthering Heights times. Although if I was Cathy, I would have hunted down that Heathcliff guy and beat him with a riding crop like a sado-hooker with his Black Card on file. Just sayin'. So there's nothing at the Fairmont. We talk to the bellman and the guy at the concierge desk, who talks to the front-desk guy who says that he's not at liberty to talk about guests, when I whip a hundred-dollar bill on him and he says â€Å"the redhead† never showed up again after the day the cops came around asking for her. He said the cops took a cooler from her room. And Tommy's like, â€Å"She just vanished.† And I'm all, â€Å"Do you want to get coffee? I have a bag of blood and ten thousand dollars in my messenger.† The nosferatu can totally drink lattes as long as they put some blood in it, unless they're lactose intolerant. And he stops and looks at me. He's like, â€Å"Really, ten thousand? Think that will be enough?† And I'm like, â€Å"Well, you'll have to drink the cheap stuff, but I like to drink my lattes directly out of the veins of a toddler, and those little fuckers aren't cheap.† And he's like, â€Å"Okay, you just completely creeped me out.† So I'm all, â€Å"You suck at this. Let's go get coffee and do some vamp stuff, like beat up some pimps and whatnot.† â€Å"Since when is beating up pimps a vampyre thing?† â€Å"Since I was looking for the Countess and they kept trying to recruit me because I'm am so awesome sexy that desperate losers will totally pay to do me, which is flattering and whatnot, but I still kind of feel like they would have taken advantage of me because of my youth and naivety.† â€Å"So you want to go beat them up.† â€Å"I want to try that kung-fu thing where you tear their heart out and show it to them while it's still beating. Trs macabre, non? Plus, I'll bet the look of surprise on their faces will be worth it. Did you do that when you were out slaughtering people with Chet?† â€Å"I don't remember any of that. I don't remember slaughtering people.† â€Å"That's why the pimps were trying to recruit me. You and Chet ate all their hos.† â€Å"You make it sound so sordid.† â€Å"Okay, you make eating hos sound pretty. Talk poetry to me, writer boy.† And he looks all heartbroken and whatnot. And he's like, â€Å"That's what Jody calls me.† And I'm like, â€Å"Sorry. Where do you want to look for her now?† â€Å"I don't know. What time is it?† And I look at the watch that the Countess gave me, and I'm all, â€Å"A little after one,† in my I am total poop on a stick voice. † Polk Street.† And I'm all, † Why Polk Street?† He's like, â€Å"Because I'm out of ideas and we need to resort to magic.† And I'm like, â€Å"Sweet! Let's rock the dark magic!† I was tempted to do a booty dance of total dark magic celebration, but I thought it might reveal my secret. ‘Kayso, we roll into this coffee shop on Polk Street, and it's all full of hippies and hipsters and couples on dates and drunks sobering up and whatnot. And everyone turns and looks at us. I'm about to chuck a spaz, because I realize that I haven't fixed my makeup since I bounced my face off the plywood in the love lair. So I'm all, â€Å"Tommy, psssssst, do I look like a cannibal corpse on crack?† And he stops and looks at me for a second, and he's like, â€Å"No more than usual.† And I'm all, â€Å"Do I have raccoon eyes?† And he's like, â€Å"You've kind of taken your broken clown look to the next level, with the crusted blood around your mouth. You look cute.† Flood can be very sweet for a doofus from Indiana. I felt like I had made the right decision to choose him to be my Dark Lord, even if he was only nineteen instead of five hundred. So I feel like I should say something nice back, so I'm like, â€Å"You're not as pathetic in those clothes.† Then I realize that didn't sound as nice as I liked, so I'm all, â€Å"I want a triple soy latte with type O in it while we're waiting for magic and whatnot.† And Flood is all, â€Å"She's here.† I know. I'm like, â€Å"Whaaaa?† ‘Kayso, Flood sends me for coffees and says he'll meet me at a table in the back, so when I show up, he's sitting with this ginormously fat gay guy, wearing a purple silk wizard robe with silver stars and moons on it, and his head is shaved and there's a pentagram tattooed on it, just like I drew on Ronnie's head with a Magic Marker. I know! And he has a crystal ball on his table on a stand made out of dragons, and a sign that says MADAME NATASHA, FORTUNES TOLD $5.00, ALL PROCEEDS GO TO AIDS RESEARCH. And so I come up and Flood is all, â€Å"Madame Natasha, this is my minion, Abby Normal.† And I'm all, â€Å"Enchant,† in, like, perfect fucking French. â€Å"Most fly eye-liner, Madame.† He had like spider fake lashes and glitter liner out to his ears. And Madame Natasha is all, â€Å"Oh, sweet of you to say, child. Your ensem is trs chic as well. But you should have a jacket, little thing like you could freeze in the fog.† And I'm all ready to throw down anti-mom you're-not-the-boss-of-me-talk on him, then I'm kinda okay with it. Like maybe I would get along with the Motherbot better if she were a ginormous gay guy. And I sit down next to Madame Natasha, because Flood is, like, in the client seat, and Flood's all, â€Å"Madame Natasha told my fortune when I first came to town, and said that I would meet a girl, but the death card kept coming up, so she couldn't figure it out.† Then he turns to Madame and is like, â€Å"You were right on the money, I ended up meeting a dead girl.† And Madame's all, â€Å"Oh my,† and she pulls this little fan out of one of her chins and starts fanning herself. ‘Kayso, I pull out the bag of blood and squeeze a little into my coffee, then into Flood's, and he's all, â€Å"Abby, put that away.† And I'm all, â€Å"Why?† And he's all nodding toward people, who are totally not looking at us now, but like really reading or texting hard. And he's like, â€Å"They'll freak.† And I'm like, â€Å"Oh bitch, please. They all saw my eye makeup, they saw how I'm dressed, they saw my dark and mysteriously colored hair, and they think I'm just trying to freak them out by pretending to pour blood in my coffee. So they are all furiously not freaking out so as to not give me the satisfaction because then they wouldn't be sophisticated City peeps. This is not my first funeral, Red State.† â€Å"Oh, I like her,† goes the Madame. â€Å"She's got spunk.† And Flood is like, â€Å"Okey dokey.† And I'm like, â€Å"If you keep saying ‘okey dokey' I will be forced to replace you as my Dark Lord.† And Madame is all, â€Å"It does sound a little corn-fed, love.† And Tommy is all, â€Å"Never mind how I talk. You remember, right, Madame? You remember me?† And the Madame is all â€Å"Oh, yes, yes, I do now. You were the one who had achieved Olympic levels in masturbation, weren't you?† And Flood was all, â€Å"Uh, no, that part was someone else, uh-â€Å" So, like, the master needed a hand, if you know what I mean, so I was like, â€Å"Oh chill, it's a stress thing, everyone does it. I'm flicking the bean under the table right now just to dial the tension back a little. Yes. Yes. Yes! Oh-zombie-jeebus-fuck-me-Simba-lion-king-hakuna-matata! Yes!† So I spaz-gasmed a little and kind of slid down in my seat breathing hard. Then I like look up at the Madame with one eye and I'm like, â€Å"They're freaking out now, aren't they?† And she just kind of nodded with big eyes and whatnot. So, you know, embarrassment for my Dark Lord totally diverted. But this one crusty day dweller is all looking up from his Wall Street Journal at me with a disgusted face, so I'm all, â€Å"Rawr.† And Flood looks at me. And I'm like, â€Å"Shut up, it's a thing. He shouldn't even be allowed out at night, using my dark without permission.† So I rawred Wall Street again for eavesdropping. So we sort of drank our coffee for a while and Madame looked at her cards and then, like, looked up seemed disappointed that we were still there, but Flood was on it. He's all, â€Å"The woman you told me I would meet, I met her. We live together.† And the Madame holds up her hand, which means, â€Å"shut the fuck up† in fortune-teller language. And she looks at her cards some more. Then she looks at her tip jar. Then Flood looks at me and like does the tip jar nod. So I pull a hundred out of my messenger bag and drop it in the jar. And Flood's like, â€Å"Abby!† And I'm like, â€Å"Hello, woman you love? You want to bargain hunt?† And he's all, â€Å"‘Kay.† So Madame Natasha puts down a few more cards, and goes, â€Å"A redhead.† And we're all, â€Å"Yeah.† And she's all, â€Å"She's hurt, but she's not alone.† And we're all, â€Å"Uh-huh.† And she lays out about six more cards, and she goes, â€Å"That can't be right.† And Flood is like, â€Å"If you're getting the dead thing again, that's okay, we've worked through that.† And Madame is like, â€Å"No, it's not that.† And she shuffles the cards, not cool, like a dealer, but gentle, and every which way on the table, like she's really trying to confuse the cards. Then she lays them out again. And her eyes are getting bigger as she goes-each card, bigger eyes-until she lays down the last in her pattern and she's all, â€Å"Oh my.† And we're all, â€Å"What? What?† And she's, â€Å"This has never happened, in thirty years of consulting the cards.† And we're, â€Å"What? What?† And she's, â€Å"Look.† There were fourteen cards on the table. All kinds of pictures and numbers. And I'm like, ready to go, â€Å"‘Splain, please.† But then I see what she's big eyes about. They are all the same suit. So I'm, â€Å"They're all swords.† And she's like, â€Å"Yes. I'm not sure how to even interpret this.† And I'm all, â€Å"She's hurt, she's not alone, and all the cards came up swords?† And she's, â€Å"Yes, dear, that's what I just said, but I don't know what it means.† And I'm, â€Å"I do. Can you do them again?† And I slap another hundred in her jar. And she's, â€Å"‘Kay.† Then she lays them all out again, and this time there's a lot of swords, but also other cards. And I'm, â€Å"Well?† And she's all, â€Å"In this configuration, the swords signify north, but also, the air, a sailing ship perhaps. It doesn't make sense.† And we're like, â€Å"What? What?† And she's like, â€Å"A sunken ship?† And I'm like, â€Å"It makes total sense.† And Flood is like, â€Å"It does?† And I'm like, â€Å"Stay right there, Madame. We may be back.† And Flood is like, â€Å"What? What?† And I'm all, â€Å"I forgot to tell you about the little guy with the sword.† And he's like, â€Å"You really adjust to this magical stuff fast, Abby.† And I'm like, â€Å"Are you trying to say I'm perky? Because I'm not. I'm complex.† I am. Shut up, I am. He's looking at me right now, like we should be going. Even though I am typing at awesome speed. Okay, that's it, dude, you're harshing the depth out of my literature. I'm coming. What a whiner. Gotta go. We're going to run out of dark. Byez. THE OLD ONES Makeda put on the glasses and watched the bricks at the corner of the building light up. They'd find the cats by behavior, because even vampire cats are cats, and they marked their territory. Elijah had told them where it had started and where it was likely to move. The special sunglasses, combined with their vampire vision, allowed them to see the phosphorus expelled in the cats' urine as glowing. They could even see a half-life, of sorts. Something marked days ago would glow much dimmer than something marked only a few hours ago. â€Å"That way,† said Makeda. Rolf cocked his head toward the boarded-up loft apartment on the second floor. â€Å"That's the loft where Elijah said he turned the first cat. There are people up there. Sounds like two.† â€Å"That's also where he was fried by a jacket covered with sun lights,† said Makeda. â€Å"I say we clean up the cats first, they're less tricky.† Rolf nodded to Makeda, who bolted down the alley without another word. They followed the trail, a mark here and there, many blocks until they reached the Mission, where the trail started to sunburst out. â€Å"I don't know which way to go,† said Bella. â€Å"We need to get a vantage point.† Rolf looked around and spotted the tallest building in the area. â€Å"How about that one, the one that looks like a robot pterodactyl is perched on it? He pointed to the black glass Federal Building. Makeda said, â€Å"It's an abomination.† â€Å"Said the abomination,† snarked Rolf. â€Å"I'll go. I have to go up solid, I need the glasses.† He shrugged off his overcoat and dropped his weapons on top of it. â€Å"Well go to mist if you lose your grip,† said Makeda. â€Å"I'll catch your glasses. If you fall off of that thing solid we'll have to scrape you into a bag to get you back to the ship.† He grinned, showing his fangs, then started a steady climb up the sheer corner of the building. Bella pulled a pack of cigarettes from her jacket, shook one out, lit it, then blew a long stream of smoke up after Rolf. â€Å"What if Elijah lied about turning more humans? He's lied before.† When they'd retrieved the old vampire from the City initially he'd brought along a blond vampire woman, claiming she was the only one. She hadn't survived the first month at sea. Weak vessels, they called her type. â€Å"He didn't admit turning the cat, either, until we found the news stories on the Internet.† â€Å"We need to talk to him again when we get back to the ship, if there's time.† Rolf thumped to the pavement beside them. â€Å"That way. About six blocks. There's a sunburst pattern that's centered there and spreads out ten blocks or so in every direction. I could actually see a hundred or so cats on a roof there.† â€Å"Let's go, then,† said Makeda. â€Å"That's not all,† said Rolf. â€Å"There is a group of men hunting them. Eight of them.† â€Å"How do you know they're hunting the cats?† â€Å"Because two of them lit up their coats. If I hadn't been wearing the glasses I'd be blind. They're wearing the sun jackets that Elijah warned us about.† â€Å"Well, fuck,† said Makeda. â€Å"That's eight more we have to kill.† â€Å"At least,† said Rolf. â€Å"How much time before daylight?† â€Å"Two and a half hours,† said Bella, checking her watch. â€Å"Don't we have a sniper rifle on the ship?† â€Å"Somewhere,† said Rolf. â€Å"Well, they can't turn on a sun jacket if they're dead before we're within five hundred yards.† â€Å"Messy,† said Makeda. â€Å"Bullets leave bodies.† â€Å"I'd rather have to dispose of a couple of bodies than get fried by a sun jacket,† said Bella, taking charge now. â€Å"Rolf, you and I will go after the cats. Take out as many as we can. Makeda, follow the hunters, keep your distance, see where they go, and meet us back at the ship. Tonight cats. Tomorrow night, humans.† â€Å"I hate cats,† said Makeda. â€Å"I know,† said Bella. â€Å"There's something else,† said Rolf. â€Å"There was something else on the roof with the cats. Something bigger.† â€Å"What do you mean ‘something'?† asked Makeda. â€Å"I don't know,† said Rolf, â€Å"but it wasn't putting out any heat, so it's one of us.†

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The Theory Of Self Advocacy - 1162 Words

100% accuracy during five trial periods which is connected with his Postsecondary goal that after his graduation from high school, Bobby will independently use public transportation in the community. Teachers can monitor the student’s progress on the goal by gathering information on a form that requires minimal time and effort to complete without sacrificing accuracy. The data survey form can contain student’s performance during this event, frequency of needed reminders, and supports that have been given to help the student with this specific skill. By utilizing a self-monitoring checklist, the student can take an active role in observing progress towards achievement of the goal. The concept of self-advocacy also can be expressed in the student’s selection of short term and long term goals which not only pertain to course selection and steps needed to achieve success in those courses but also how courses go hand-in-hand with the selection of his/her postsecondary environment (2 or 4-year college, vocational setting, military, or straight into employment) and career. Student’s input is very important because in order for the student to demonstrate optimal internal motivation (student achieving satisfaction from the action), the student must have vested interest in achieving the goal. In order to pursue an activity and possible internal or external reward, the student must value the skill that will be accomplished by the action. They break the motivation intertwinedShow MoreRelatedNursing Profession And Label Nurses877 Words   |  4 PagesANA developed the following definition of nursing: â€Å"Nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations† (ANA, 2010, p. 10). Florence Nightingale is considered the first of all nursing theorists. Nightingale defined nursing as â€Å"the act of utilizing the environment of the patient toRead MoreFlorence Nightingale : A Woman With Endless Wisdom And Timeless Insight1338 Words   |  6 Pagespassion for all of her work and was honored with the title of the first recognized nursing theorist. Much of modern day nursing has been influenced and defined by those theories of Florence Nightingale. A nursing theory is defined as a concept that provides a framework for nursing. There are four main components associated with nursing theory; person, environment, health and nursing. Person refers to the patient that the nurse is interacting with and can include more than one person including families andRead MoreLeadership Styles Of Leadership And Leadership1077 Words   |  5 Pagesand rely on mentors for guidance. In addition I will blend different styles of leadership and theories to suit situations. Most importa ntly I want to be a leader who puts others first. Through personality assessments I learned that I needed to incorporate and balance various types of leadership skills such as participative, delegative and authoritarian. I learned to implement different leadership theories like Contingency, and Transnational leadership. I had to learn how to be a leader verses a managerRead MorePatient Advocacy: a Concept Analysis Essay1332 Words   |  6 PagesConcept Analysis: Patient Advocacy Abstract The purpose of this concept analysis is to clarify, define, and refine how patient advocacy is perceived in the nursing community. Much of the literature has attempted to define patient advocacy and emphasis its role within the nursing profession. This paper will discuss multiple definitions of patient advocacy from existing literature and refine them into two critical characteristics. Concept Analysis: Patient Advocacy (10%)I Ââ€" SELECTION OF CONCEPT Read MoreWomen Poverty And Trauma Summary1159 Words   |  5 PagesIntro: Jean Francis East and Susan J. Roll’s article: Women, Poverty, and Trauma: An Empowerment Practice Approach illustrates the benefits of applying empowerment theory in Social Work practice when working with women who’ve experienced poverty and trauma. Through their 20 years of experience in utilizing this approach, they learn that its effects have been rewarding and successful. The following paper is an analysis and critique of this intervention. The article focuses on the â€Å"feminizationRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Nursing1525 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent people, The American nursing association defined nursing as â€Å"the protection, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations† (ANA,2012). I believe that personal philosophy of nursing is important to the professional nurse and to me in particular because it demonstrates the principals and personal valuesRead MoreLeon Festingers Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance1500 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will evaluate the presentation of Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance in the world of social psychology. Throughout I will discuss the establishment of his theory, it’s supporting evidence and any limitations of this. I will also deliberate what it can explain and the alternative explanations presented by other psychologists; how they differ from Festinger’s, how they add to Festinger’s original theory and finally how they extend the knowledge in understanding the interactionRead MoreThe Importance Of Need For Achievement As A Motivation Driver1606 Words   |  7 PagesAdventist Hospital foundation and management to realize with a need for achievement of every individual in enhancing satisfaction, advocacy and employee performance. Therefore, Adventist Hospital foundation and leaders can use this study as keys to determine the factors of achievement that should be rewarded to employees in order to enhance and rectify their satisfaction, advocacy and job performance at their workplace. These study findings are important for managers and human resource management departmentRead MoreThe Recording Aspect Of The Taping Assignment Allowed Me1257 Words   |  6 Pagesassignment allowed me to understand the process and value of advocacy. As I was hearing myself speak about oppression and the impact it has on individuals and communities, it allowed me to process my thoughts differently than through a typical writing assignment. I came to the realization that advocacy begins one individual at a time, that a dialogue is the simple first step to solving systems of oppression. Unfortunately, the value of advocacy in my recording lost its value because I wrote a script inRead MoreTeaching And Promoting Self Determination1406 Words   |  6 Pagesmeet this federal mandate, teaching and promoting self-determination and the core components of self-determination have become an evidenced based, and best practices for educators in middle and high school, and helping students with d isabilities meet their post secondary goals and experience a more successful transition from high school to post secondary domains. This review discusses the research that addresses how the impact of instruction in self-determination given to students with disabilities

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Performance Evaluation and Social Networking - 1294 Words

1. I do not agree with the statement that If you have regular conversations with people, and they know where they stand, then the performance evaluation may be unnecessary. This statement could not be more absurd. The premise of the statement is that performance evaluation relates to the people performing the tasks, that the people can be trusted at their word (Oh yeah, Im doing well, boss.) and that performance evaluation has no other role than to determine employee rewards systems. Performance evaluation plays a much bigger role in the companys strategic system than merely setting pay and benefits for employees. The evaluation system fits into overall strategy by aligning employee activities with the companys strategic objectives. The employee is evaluated against specific performance criteria on specific tasks in order to motivate the employee to perform these tasks to a high level. The result is that the efforts of the employee are guided specifically to where the company needs t hem employee to be guided. Just because the employee knows where they stand does not mean that the activities he or she is undertaking are in the best interests of the company. In addition, the company needs to know where the employee stands. Performance evaluation is a means for the company to gauge the contribution to the company that the employee is making. The employee will then be compensated on the basis of that contribution. In order for this system to be effective as a formShow MoreRelatedTexas Roadhouse896 Words   |  4 PagesPerformance Reviews via Social Networks LaTavia Willis Dr. Sherbert HRM 500 May 15, 2012 Abstract In this assignment I will be expressing my views on the reference of social networking and how it applies to the daily supplement of assessing performance and the development of employees. This assignment will describe my response in regards to â€Å"If you have regular conversations with people, and they know where they stand, then the performance evaluation is maybe unnecessary.† My views whetherRead MoreLeadership And Team Dynamics : Take Home Final Exam1624 Words   |  7 Pagescompany. With both of these options, you will probably save your job, your home, and still provide for your family within the same environment. The environment of paternalism which has been established at Webster as well as the excellent schools, and social well being is worth the attempt to stay in this heretofore nurturing environment. Let us assume that the home furnishing manager is competent and has an excellent idea of how the company as well as other departments are managed because he or s he hasRead MoreEvolving Future of Human Resource Management Essay953 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis Paper As newer generations begin to fill management roles at companies, evolving HR practices are positioning HR professionals on the pulse of industry trends–helping them to focus on the idea that employee performance is part of an ongoing evaluation. This evaluation, many experts argue, should be focused on the future and on inspiring people towards demonstrating new ways of attaining goals set by the company. HR consultants around the world are coming to a consensus that a company’sRead MoreThe Performance Measurement Of Facebook1706 Words   |  7 PagesFacebook is a social networking website that is designed to connect people across the world. Anyone over the age of 13 with an email account could join Facebook. There are many features on Facebook such, games, groups, picture gallery, video, and much more. Facebook is a multi-billion dollar public trade company. This project will address the performance measurement perspective of Facebook, for the purpose of, evaluating and analyzing external and internal day to day operations (Forbes, 2014).Read MoreMeasuring Counselors For An Organization That Provides Marriage And Family Counseling1337 Words   |  6 Pagescounselors work performance. The work performance will include: adaptability, compliance, conflict management, effective communication, leadership, awareness, flexibility, resilience, sensitivity towards others, team work , integrity, and independence. The culture assessment will measure the counselor’s ability to help all clients with being self-aware and unbiased. The behavior competencies will measure the counselors’ patterns and conduct. The competency assessments will involve work performance for currentRead MoreSocial Networking Sites A Way Of Life And A Prominent Form Of Communication Essay1715 Words   |  7 PagesSocial Networking Sites Social networking sites (SNS) have become a way of life and a prominent form of communication. They provide a platform for users to professionally network, to socialize, to share personal adventures and achievements, and to express emotions and feelings. SNS allow users to observe family members, friends, acquaintances, or even strangers and learn what activities they are participating in or how they might be feeling at any given moment. With access to an abundance of informationRead MoreDelay Sensor Network Essay751 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract — The Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) aims at providing effective medium for communicating where no continuous connectivity is guaranteed for a given network. It is really important especially when there are faulty nodes in a network. Mobile Sensor Networks are one of the most fault prone networks due to its inherent nature of limited resources. Existing routing schemes promotes the algorithms to make use of message replication to ensure high delivery rate for messages. Protocols that relyRead MoreA Research Study On Relational Database Technology1570 Words   |  7 PagesMemcached technology and provide more details about it. In addition, I will explain how it works and how it differs than relational database technology. Furthermore, I will use the finding of the paper â€Å"Performance Evaluation of a Clustered Memcached† to present how Memcached can improve the performance of the web applications. The paper that I did study is about a simulation project of using three different architectures of Memcached. The simulation results will monitor the CPU and RAM usability ofRead MoreFacebook Is A Social Network Site1449 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Facebook is considered a social networking site, as it offers an online platform on which users create profiles, generate and share content and information and interact with known and other unknown contacts† (N, 2014). Today, Facebook is the largest soci al network in the world. Since its introduction, Facebook has attracted millions of users, many of whom integrated their site as a daily practice (Abdulahi, Samadi, Gharleghi, Sep, 2016). As it can be seen, the debate about Facebook often comesRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Media On Young People Essay1679 Words   |  7 PagesSocial media is a term that is utilized in describing the interaction between individuals or groups where they produce, share ad sometimes, exchange ideas in virtual communities and the internet. The consequences of social networks on young people have become significant. Most of them have grown up surrounded by mobile devices and also interactive social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and also Instagram which has made these social networks a critical factor of their life. The social network